General Instructions for Kerala School Sasthramela
The students of LP / UP / HS / HSS / VHSS can participate in any one of the
items only in Science, Maths, Social Science, Work Experience and IT fair.
But it is not applicable for Quiz items. The participants in the fair should not
wear school uniform.

             Valuation Guidelines
Those who score 70% of marks or more in an item in the fair would be considered
 A grade and they would get 5 points and 30 marks as grace marks. 60 % - 69%
scorers would be given B grade with 3 points and 24 marks would be awarded as
 grace marks. C grade with one point would be given to those getting 50% -59%
and 18 marks would be awarded as grace marks.

             Appeal Steps
If the contestant has a complaint in any of the contest results, he / she can give
appeal to review the results. Appeal fee is Rs. 1000 / - at sub district level and
Rs.1500 / at district level and Rs.2000/- at state level. A sample application
 form for submitting appeal is given below.

        Kozhikode district mathematics 2017 at GVHSS Cheruvavannur
 4 Nov.2017:  Quiz
 7 Nov.2017 ,10 AM : On the spot competitions LP , UP and HS  
 8 Nov.2017 , 10 AM - On the spot competitions HSS

  1. The RMO 2107 exam is on SUNDAY, October 8, 2017 between 1 PM and 4 PM.

H S M A Conducts

Orientation Programme in Mathematics

Venue : Govt Model HSS Calicut

Date & Time : 6 th August 2016,9 30 am